Chesterfield Virginia Protective Orders Laws

There are some legal remedies in Chesterfield Virginia where the person can save them from further threats harm or any other type of danger. The protective order is a legal document that is issued to prevent the contact between offenders and the alleged victims of them. The court will give a really strict order to save a person from any type of these actions. It has some important impacts on the proceeding of divorce and ongoing custody of a child. To know more about the protective order the person needs to get the proper knowledge about it.

If you are worried and going through these types of situations it’s become important for you to take some action as soon as possible. The protective orders laws will help you to provide full protection. You should contact a domestic violence attorney that can guide and speak to you about the protective order. They will help you to file your request in court and will address the entire situation in proper and efficient manners.

Emergency Protective Order:

The court can issue the emergency order against the respondent at any time. These orders can be signed by the general district court, juvenile and domestic relations district court or a magistrate. This order is issued when the situation is urgent the police officers will verbally, electronically or in person request for an emergency protective order. The judge can also issue this order at the same time when there is any charge on the respondent about domestic violence. The time period for this order is 72 hours.

Preliminary Protective order:

This order is issued by the civil or criminal court of the Chesterfield Virginia. This order is a bit different from the emergency protective order and mostly applied to it. It is issued when there is a court hearing and a crime has been committed. It lasts for 15 days

Full Protective Order:

In Preliminary Protective order after the hearing court, the judge will decide that is it necessary to give a full protective order or not. It can be valid for up to 2 years and can be extended if needed. It will only grant when someone is the victim of family abuse.

Stalking Protective Order:

There is new a law passed by Virginia in 2011. It is designed to easily obtain the protective order against any non-family member such as friends, colleagues etc.

Provisions Of Protective Order:

Protective orders laws are very helpful for the victim that will provide a safety to them. The purpose of issuing the protective order is to create a specific distance between the victim and the abuser as well. In Virginia there are different provisions are included for such kind of acts which includes the contacting with a victim, calling or texting the person. The order may also include maintaining a distance of 500 foot from the person. The order may also require that a defender must find another place to live. The full protective order can provide the temporary custody of a kid or kids.