How to lower a reckless driving charge in Hanover VA?

Conviction of reckless driving is considered to be an accusation of high illegitimacy where one is directed to serious penalties by the court. Reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense even more dangerous than that of heedless and inappropriate driving. Any individual who is found driving with an unusual speed by putting public and property around in great danger falls under the category of reckless driving charge. Under the Virginia law every individual who has been found guilty of reckless driving is convicted to the category of class 1 misdemeanor, in which he or she has to undergo punishments prescribed by the Government of Hanover Virginia under this class. Anyone one found driving in any of the following states is subjected to the crime of reckless driving:

  • In case if anyone is found driving rashly on the roads of commonwealth;
  • In case if anyone is driving with a speed approaching 80 miles per hour;
  • In case if a person is driving rashly on the wrong side;
  • In case if a person is racing on the roads of the county;
  • In case if a person is found rashly driving in an intoxicated state.

Anyone found guilty of reckless driving has to undergo punishments prescribed as per the Virginia law, following punishments are imposed on the culprit in such scenarios:

  • Suspension of driving license(depending upon the nature of the reckless driving offense committed);
  • Imprisonment of the suspected for a particular time frame( for a tenure of six months or a year);
  • Heavy fine of approximately $2500;
  • 6 demerit points are charged on the driving record of the accused. These points remain on his driving track for eleven consecutive months.

Reckless driving is considered to be a more serious offense than other traffic violations. Traffic violations are charged heavily under the rule of law, but they become even stricter when it comes to the Law of United States of America. Each individual charged of the offense has to face severe penalties imposed by the court, however one can challenge the decision. Challenging or arguing against the conviction can either completely resolve your issue or at least reduce its punishment. In order to do so one has to prove in court that whether he or she was driving recklessly but no one around was at harm. For this purpose one requires a legal representative and support who could help you out in the whole procedure.

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