A Seller’s Guide on Selling Property in Prince William Virginia

Do you have a property in Prince William, Virginia that you want to sell quickly? You must be aware of the fact that selling and buying are somewhat similar procedures. In both the situations, the purchasers and home sellers consult several estate agents in order to find the one who is trustworthy and experienced. You should do some independent research on getting useful tips to avoid legal pitfalls. Some of them are discussed here:

Consulting an Attorney

It is customary in Virginia to use a lawyer in the transaction process, but in many states you may not be needing a lawyer. In Virginia, you are required to consult an experienced attorney that deals in the buying and selling of real estate projects. Consultation becomes more essential when there are legal objections are connected to the property. For example, what should be disclosed about the property that you intends to sale? What should you do if you found that the property is constructed illegally? Prior to the sale, contacting with knowledge real estate attorney will be very helpful because it will save you not only time but a lot of money that you can spend on more valuable things.

Charges and consultation fee differs from agent to agent so it is essential to decide your budget. To avoid any hidden charges that most unprofessional estate agents do not declare, one should always ask for a print version of the agreement and read it thoroughly.

Preparing for Selling

It is a bitter reality that one cannot get a second chance to create a first impression. You can sell your property quickly if you are ready to take a little trouble to display it in an appealing way. Cleaning, painting, removing unwanted clutter, and adding things that enhance the beauty are few ways to improve the overall presentation of the property. Many homeowners contact with stagers who do all this for you.

Throughout the staging process, it is a legal duty of the stagers and the owners to repair damaged areas that can cause safety hazards for the new residents. Doing this will protects you from any violating laws, preventing injuries to visitors and buyers, and improve the property value.

Asking Prices

Your equal participation along with the agent will be desirable in setting an asking prices. Agents might be interested in setting high prices for the house because they will be getting a high percentage of the price. On the other hand, setting high prices are not always feasible if your asking price is exceeding the actual value of the property. Because you also have a need to sell the property quickly, set an appropriate and fair prices because it will drastically increase the chances of sale.

House Inspections

Property purchasers request at least one visit before finalizing the contract. If any serious problems in the property are analyzed during the inspection, the buyer may refuse to buy the property or renegotiate the prices.


Once you completed all the details and documentation, closing is the final step in which property is transferred on the name of the buyer. According to the Virginian real estate laws, the purchaser has the right to tool the possession of the property on the closing date.