Sexual Battery law in Fairfax Virginia

The forceful act of intercourse is referred as sexual battery. In Virginia and other states of USA, this forceful act of doing sex is considered as the crime. No person has a right to touch female without her permission and perform any sexual activity. Even if there is no sexual intercourse, but the person forces for oral penetration or insertion to other parts of the body is also considered as a Sexual battery.

If someone gives some alcohol or inducing medicine to a girl for involving her to a sex also comes in this category. This means all sexual activity without the involvement of the girl’s own intention comes in sexual battery crime. The state laws do not allow any one to forcefully do sex with the lady.

Virginia’s law for sexual battery

Virginia laws for sexual battery are strict. According to the law the criminal has to face the severe punishments and a heavy fine for this shameful crime. Code 18.2-67.4 describes that any person is guilty of sexual battery if the complaining person says that sex was by force, threat, intimidation or ruse.

The person may be charged with the prison for life time if the situation is severe and the lady is killed after the rape. The other charges and punishment level depend on the severity of the case. The criminal may be charged with prison up to 5 to 20 years and may have to pay fine up to $100.000.

Get help from Fairfax Virginia lawyers

Sexual battery is a serious offense and the criminal has to face severe consequences. Along with the prison and the fine. The law registers him as a sex offender. It is the moral duty of the citizens to case file against such people so that they get punishment and never try to do offense again. The victim must report to the police and take the case to court to get justice.

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We investigate your case thoroughly and check out the reasons behind the incidence. We study different aspects of the cases and check out the person who is liable for this crime. We believe in strong evidence, so we hear you as well as work for collecting evidence. Our team collects DNA reports, semen and pubic hair to determine and crossmatch with the suspicious person. It is important for the victim to case file as soon as possible so that it becomes easy to prepare the strong file against the criminal. It is important to discuss each and everything about the incident to help us to give strength to the case.

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