Solicitation of Prostitution in Virginia

Like other states, engaging in a sexual activity in exchange for money or any other valuable goods is considered as an offense and it is also regarded as prostitution. The criminal charges on the individual can also occur without conducting a sexual contact. Besides, if an individual is found in an attempt to entice or induce an individual to engage in a sexual act in return for money or a valuable, it is deliberated as solicitation of prostitution in Virginia. Even if no sex occurs, the attempt towards the prostitution is also charged under the Section 18.2-346 that penalizes with a fine worth $2,500 or a sentence in jail up to 12 months or both.

The solicitation of prostitution in Virginia under the Section is a class 1 misdemeanor and involvement of an individual for rendering the services would be penalized like the individual convicted of a prostitution offense. It is also stated in Section 18.2-356 that an individual regardless of providing services or soliciting services in exchange for money or getting someone in a brothel or similar location with a purpose of prostitution would be Class 4 felony under which both would be punished. The convicted in a Class 4 felony would be penalized a fine up to $100,000 and can also be imprisoned from two to 10 years. Moreover, the forced prostitution or an attempt to develop child pornographic content is also a Class 4 felony and under the law, latter penalties would be faced by convicted.

Apart from these legal charges and penalties, the permanent arrest could result in the loss of a job or no job at all due to solicitation of prostitution in Virginia. Another issue that a prostitution offender can face is in the form of immigration issues because the crimes of moral turpitude could result in deportation and are viewed as a more serious offense. In the case when a solicited prostitute is a minor, depending upon the age of the minor the Class 1 misdemeanor is elevated to Class 5 or Class 6 misdemeanor.

Although, it is believed that prostitution is a victimless crime but it is often overlooked that it results in serious legal consequences because solicitation of prostitution in Virginia is against the law. Apart from the legal charges, there are professional and personal consequences like marital discord, public shame and ridicule and termination of the job.

Law offices of SRIS P.C. offers support when it comes to combat the solicitation of prostitution charges in Virginia. The individuals who are convicted in the solicitation for prostitution in Virginia are caught in the sting operation by undercover police. Additionally, they also play as prostitutes to trap the individuals who have been involved in the activity and under the law the entrapment is illegal; however, it is difficult to defend and escape from entrapment without having knowledge and experience in the field.

Our attorneys can help you in such cases to defend your rights vigorously and mitigate any legal ramifications. Realizing the embarrassment associated with the charges for a sex crime, we consider it important to protect your reputation and privacy in the process of defending. Besides defending your good name and reputation our skilled lawyers would carefully review your case to support you in alleviating the charges for solicitation of prostitution in Virginia.

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