As per the law of Virginia, Class 6 felony is the felony with least severe charges and penalties. Felony charges are known as the most serious crimes under the law of Virginia. The felony offenses that are more severe can be punishable by the sentence to death or imprisonment for the lifetime. The law of Virginia has classified these felonies ranging from the most severe criminal offense that comes under Class 1 felony to Class 6 Felony i.e. least serious. Felonies are the criminal charges and if someone is convicted of any felony charge, they will be permanently registered as a criminal and will be always the part of your criminal record.

In Virginia, the felony charges can be charged by local authorities, detectives, prosecutors, law enforcing agencies or police officers. The accused of any felony charges will be arrested and will be brought in front of a magistrate for interrogation and investigation. On the other hand, detectives will first get a felony warrant and then they can arrest the accused of felony charges. Whereas, others might have to present felony charges in front of the grand jury, who will then charge the accused.

The felony sentences in Virginia are served in the state correctional facility unless the sentence that is charged is for less than a year, in that case, the sentences may be served in a local Virginia imprisonment center.

Class 1 felonies are said to be the most serious under which the convicted can even be sentenced to the death penalty or an imprisonment for a lifetime. On the other hand, class 2 felonies are punishable by a lifetime of imprisonment maximum and at least 20 years of imprisonment. It includes a penalty fine of up to $100,000. The examples of class 2 felony crimes in Virginia involve murder, burglary with a dangerous weapon.

Under the law of Virginia, Class 6 felony is the least serious felony. Class 6 felony is also considered as “wobblers” just like class 5 felony. According to the law of Virginia, Class 6 felony might result in a conviction of a misdemeanor.

The crimes that come under class 6 felony include repeating of larcenies, reckless endangerment, and violation of the order given by the court or other legal authorities.

As per the law of Virginia, Class 6 felony includes a sentence of imprisonment for one to maximum five years in prison. The convicted of Class 6 felony will also be charged with a penalty fine of $2,500.

It is very important to hire an experienced and professional criminal defense attorney is someone is charged with any crime under class 6 felony. With the help of a professional defense lawyer, you will be able to get away with the charges. A strong defense is very important for an accused to win the case. As per the defense lawyers of Virginia, Class 6 felony cases are dealt every other day by the defense attorney.

The defense lawyers, with their experience, try their best to carry out the best outcome possible in the case. The defense attorney investigates the case properly and helps the accused to build the strongest defense possible. If someone in Virginia has been charged with any offense under class 6 felony, they need to consult the defense attorney in Virginia as soon as possible.